What Are The Critical Factors Needed To Create Clarity & Find Certainty With Your Business Online?

1. Do you have a defined digital strategy?

2. Do you have a defined digital brand value & online purpose?

3. Have you clearly articulated your brand value and your digital story for your audience?

4. Do you review your strategy regularly?

5. Have you clearly defined your 'persona' and the audience who you talk to?

6. Do you have a detailed content plan & schedule?

7. Do you have themes or ideas that you regularly talk about online?

8. Do you produce content more than 3x per week?

9. Are you on 3 or less main channels for social media?

10. Do you have a clear social media strategy?

11. Do you have a defined socialselling strategy?

12. Are you getting leads and sales directly from social media activities?

13. Do you produce more than 3x videos per month?

14. Do you have a podcast or regular branded content features?

15. Do you create custom graphics to amplify your unique brand identity?

16. Do you create instructional graphics or infographics to help educate your audience?

17. Does your website reflect your core digital strategy and brand value?

18. Does your website appear in the top 10 on google for your keywords?

19. Is your site "deep" - providing training, information and/or knowledge to educate and inform your audience for long periods of time?

20. Do you have web-based assets that further aid in moving your audience towards your core business?

21. Do you provide a free download or gift for your audience to download?

22. Have you created a separate and distinct landing page for a product or download in the last 3 months?

23. Do you have an automated email responder to follow-up for people who subscribe to a newsletter or a gift download?

24. Do you have a buyers process, that permits your audience to follow a specific sales path online within your digital ecosystem?

25. Do you have pixels, analytics and measurement tools installed for your site and pages?

26. Was your last pay per click advertising campaign more than 2 months ago?

27. Do you have a management dashboard and reporting system for your metrics/KPIs?

28. Do you spend more than $50 per day on pay per click advertising?