1. Do you do any public speaking?

2. Do you have a digital purpose?

3. Do you have an online strategy?

4. Do you do any public speaking?

5. Is your digital strategy different from you social media strategy?

6. Do you regularly write a blog?

7. Do you have a content plan?

8. Do you create a blog post 1x or more per week?

9. Do you have a content schedule?

10. Have you created a customer persona?

11. Do you have more than 5 core keywords that you use in all your content?

12. Do you have more than 3 social media channels?

13. Do you have a social media plan?

14. Do you have someone who runs your social media for your company?

15. Do you post on social media more than 2x per week?

16. Do you get any leads or business from social media?

17. Do you have a separate online brand from your offline brand?

18. Do you have branded visuals?

19. Have you ever created an infographic?

20. Have you posted more than 3 videos on Youtube or Vimeo in the last 2 months?

21. Is your branding identical between all your social channels and web properties?

22. Have you had an SEO review in the last 3 months?

23. Have you compared your site to your nearest competitors in the last 6 months?

24. Are you using an open source content management system?

25. Have you updated your website content within the last month?

26. Do you know if your site is being indexed and spidered by search engines?

27. Is your website mobile optimised?

28. Do you have an automated email responder for people who subscribe to a newsletter or download?

29. Do you provide a free download or gift for your audience to download?

30. Have you created a separate and distinct landing page for a product or download in the last 2 months?

31. Do 8/10 pages have a clear call to action for the next steps your audience can take?

32. Do you have a buyers process, that permits your audience to follow a specific sales path?

33. Was your last pay per click advertising campaign more than 2 months ago?

34. Have you ever run an ad campaign that was unsuccessful?

35. Do you have analytics and measurement tools installed for your site?

36. Do you have a management dashboard?

37. Do you spend more than $50 per day on pay per click advertising?

38. Do you rank in the top 10 of Google, for your core keywords?